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Sun-In-One™ is dedicated to engineering the most efficient solar-powered solutions for every day applications. Where reliable energy is critical, our high-performing off-grid solutions match on-grid reliability, efficiency and safety benchmarks.

We are committed to maintaining that standard through continuous research and development that will deliver superior products with a measurable return on investment. Our solar products and LEDs are designed and tested to withstand harsh environments and extreme operating conditions. They account for everything from local weather conditions to regional solar absorption rates to ambient light issues.

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Signage can often be a long distance from established electrical lines. Our Solar-powered Sign Lighting pre-engineered kits are a cost-effective way to illuminate signs that pay for themselves. Kits include industry- leading LED light performance, easy Plug & Play setup and installation, and a minimum of 3-day backup power in case of inclement weather. No wiring, trenching or electric bills.


Compared to utility-connected lighting, solar lighting systems avoid costs associated with cabling, trenching, transformers, permits, utility bills, and service charges.


Sun-In-One’s solar LED lighting systems are built with sturdy, corrosive and vandal-resistant aluminum/stain- less steel hardware.


Sun-In-One lighting systems are the sustainable choice to reduce your carbon footprint.


Our LED lighting uses renewable energy from the sun to store electricity to power ultra-efficient LEDs.


Do you need High Quality Lighting to go with your Signage?

Sun-In-OneTM builds “plug and play” Solar Sign Lighting Kits for internal and external signs. Each customized Solar Sign Lighting Kit is designed and engineered for your geographic area. Our products are built to last and can be easily installed, even by those with limited electrical knowledge.
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